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"She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something."
-- Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

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God bless u kammy

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One of the worst things in the world was having to be told by my landlord to shut the laundry room door behind me at night “because, you know, we’re women” and being able to completely understand what she meant

#the second worst thing is that white boys sill cat call me out f their ars#out of their cars*#like they did a few nights AO when I was out with my roommate#because I was jogging across the street
Can I request merm!Crocodile?




bara mermaids???

bara mermaids…………

bara mermaids……………………………………………………………….

in other news i really want jez to have a little ho posse in canon that she hangs out with that consists of nonbinary, men, and women individuals who just are like her best buds and end up being a good part of her story as well as her slave friends

i don’t necessarily want to paint prostitution/porn as illustrious because a huge huge huge percentage of those “industries” are really fucking horrible but i want a group of friends to have suffered through that and prevail as badass people who aren’t defined by it to be the point

like the slavery shit and the treatment of sex workers is inexcuseable and i wanna touch on that but i also want the characters themselves to overcome that like jez has/does and i just want her to have a little posse of friends who helped her overcome and who are a huge part of her life and her story ugh 

i have to do so much research but it’ll be worth it

#era talks about her ocs#era talks about marinia

i think the worst part about joking about jez “fucking everything” is when people begin slut shaming and bring that topic up i just

no….. its not…… the joke isn’t that shes “a slut”… the joke is literally that she just likes to fuck a lot and she’s so used to it as a default that she just gets it out there that she might end up trying to fuck someone

its not that she’s a slut and does actually sleep with everyone (7 times out of 10 she doesn’t end up sleeping with the people she’s after)

it’s that she’s literally so self confident and okay with herself that she can say ‘hey, yeah, i think i might wanna fuck you’ and not feel bad about it


its because she’s confident and says ‘so what’ when someone says ‘don’t you fuck everything?’


"so what if i do, i like fucking and that’s that. it’s none of your damn business."

a lot of people who know her get that, but even more who don’t… don’t

and its a shame because whenever they try to use my own words to justify their slut shaming i just have to say no that’s not the point and no she’s not easy just because she’s been a sex slave and a prostitute like that is literally the opposite if what I am saying

#era talks about her ocs#most people are p good about it#but sometimes like......#sometimes man. sometimes people just assume.#its so off putting especially when they pm me right after following me saying 'so my characters not gonna fuck yours you know that right'#like? of course I do-??? what the hell do u think im doing with my life ive been rping her for over 3 years do you wanna go



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Visual Development from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Visual Development from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

#strife inspiration

i need to actually get off my ass and promo my project strife blogs but [loud bus passes by] and i just [screaming children] and i really just feel like [loud farting noise]

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